Edit poly modifier?

(Veezen) #1

Hi guys!
I wondering if there is any possibility to create modifier for “edit poly”?
I known that this maybe sounds stupid, but just imagine that you have modifier with posibility to edit topology completly and if you want to edit something in base stage you can go back and do this. Non-destructive workflow. Similar thing is in 3ds max and this is probably only one thing in this software which I like :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know that there is snapshot addon but that doesn’t work great.

(AlmaTalp) #2

Yes, it would be great. Yes, one of things former Max users ask for is a similar Modifier Stack what Max has (I did it ~5 years ago).
And no, probably will never happen (correction: maybe in another 5 years it will happen;)
Then everybody will say: why it didn’t work this way from the start?:wink:

(Peter Rabbit) #3

Just want to add my voice to this. I would absolutely love an edit mesh modifier. It would make modelling so much easier and I suspect many old blender-heads would realise what they’ve been missing. Unfortunately the last time I heard anyone bring it up, Ton ruled that it wasn’t the blender way and that that’s the wrong type of workflow for the software. Until he changes his mind it’s unlikely to happen (apologies if I’m misrepresenting him, that’s just from what I remember).