edit rotation gizmo

how do I adjust the gizmo: in normal mode the gizmo has another andmento than the normal object and I want to align (with rotation) the gizmo. I remember that I could do it but with 3dsmax blender can only position

Not exactly sure what you are asking but the location of the manipulator is at the given pivot point and the orinetation can be varied or give a custom orientation.


I know this, I need only rotate the gizmo to fit in a geometry modeled oblique and the current approach is not suitable

blender in normal mode automatically determines the orientation of the gizmo under normal but I want to rotate only the gizmo to make sure that you have rotations

not exactly sure what you are asking for, but it sounds as if you want a specific custom orientation? if that is the case you can select a edge or face, with it selected hit ctrl+alt+spacebar to create a custom orientation based on the selected edge or polygon. Does that help?

i wont, for example assign the rotation of gizmo empty to cube…i remember that in 3dsmax i could change the orientation of the gizmo in blender … I have to give the parent of the empty to rotate the cube in other ways

yes yes yes :slight_smile: by selecting the face and creating a new orientation axis everything works … what a little hard to find is not it?

hehe, sure it is a bit hidden :slight_smile: but it is a very useful operator, especially when doing somewhat precise hard surface modeling. The only downside with it is that it creates a new orientation every time you hit ctrl+alt+spacebar. One way to fix that is by going to the prefereces/input, then search for “Create Orientation” and check “Overwrite previous” and give it a cusom name. Mine is called “Bob”

heehehehe…thanks so much