Editing cloth simulation cache

It seems like, when reading the old manual and also watching some old videos, that you used to be able to edit an existing cloth simulation cache. I would really like to be able to do this as the simulation works perfectly except a few glitches.

Is there a way to do this in the current version of Blender? Perhaps soft body is the preferred method now?

Historically there seem to have been two different ways of editing the cache. One was by enabling editing in the cloth settings and then go into edit mode to actually edit the mesh. However, this does not work in the current version (at least I do not find the button for it). The other way was by using the comb tool in the particles mode of the 3d-view. However, this does not work either (since there is really no particle system I cannot find the particle mode in the 3d-view mode drop down menu). Perhaps the old particle simulator was based on particles.

Anyway, if any one knows anything about this I would be very thankful for an answer.

I am having a similar problem. When I search I mostly get the same links to the Wiki manual, though it seems to be outdated at this point. Mentioning a simple and easy way to “Edit the Back”.

This is exactly what I need. Is there a new way to do this? Any other techniques I could use to fix this?

I have a dress that I had to divide into two parts, the upper has shape keys that follow the animation of the figure. The bottom I want to animate a simulation of the skirt blowing in wind. I had to set the distance to only .002 as the dress tends to bulge out way to much with anything higher. I set the quality as high as I dare to 6 to avoid crashing Blender. Self collision is set at Quality 6 and distance .5.

As you can see in this picture, even with these settings I still get a slight bulge in the area of the pinning at the top, and some crinkle or tearing along the bottom of the skirt as it moves. If I add a solidify modifier then Blender crashes and besides I would rather not do that since this fabric is supposed to be a thinner silk material, and I don’t think that would fix the bulging, only accentuate it. Is there something I am missing? Editing frame by frame would be the simplest and easiest way to fix this problem… So why is this “Bake Editing” Button listed in the most recent Manual, but not actually included in the Cloth set up panel (Or anywhere else that I can see)? I am fairly new at all of this, I understand the steep learning curve of Blender, but I am still determined to learn it. I appreciate the amount of help that BlenderArtists and other users of this amazing program are willing to offer, but this one question seems to continuously go unanswered. Usually that means there is an extremely simple answer or none at all. I hope it is the latter… :eek:

It turns out that the current way of doing this IS through the particle edit mode (in the 3d view). There is a bug in 2.68 so that you could not go into particle edit for an object with a cloth modifier. However, I reported this and in version 2.69 it works.

While in the particle edit you can use e.g. the comb tool to fix any problems from the simulation.