Editing this rigged model to look more like my characters


I’m assuming you all are familiar with this model that is already rigged and ready to go that I’ve been using?

I’m looking for someone to take this model and make a few changes to make her resemble my character more. I’m animating her for references to help my 2D animator so this is purely a development tool for me. So we don’t need to change her face or anything extra.

This is the character

What I would like to add to her is the hat and quiver. The quiver can be fixed her to back, I would like the hat to be moveable when I need to move it, otherwise most of the time I want it following her head. Most animations with the hat will be tilting it but some animations I will have her take it off. I think for the animations where she takes them off I could simply have the hat as a separate object and animate it separately. I believe I have downloaded a prefab hat somewhere but prefab is fine

The big thing is the cape, I would like the cape fixed to her neck but also allow me to animate it by hand the same way I’m able to animate her bones.

I’m not looking to spend a ton on this, just want this model to have some additional features to resemble her a bit more. I can send the blender file I have for you to edit since it won’t let me upload it here.

Let me know if anyone is willing to help! I will have more work with my other characters that are a bit more involved after this


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