editing with the default cube?

alright, I am currently watching a very good tutorial on how to model a 3d car. The car he is modeling is a Porsche GT3 RS 911 (type 977) . Now he is pretty good with telling how to do everything, like which buttons to press to get which effect. Except right off the start he does something and I am only able to get mine to do half of what his does.

Now this would be easier if I could link the video but your forum rules state I cant so I will do my best to explain what he does. He says that you are to take the cube and take it into edit mode to align it with a few key points on the background image, ie. headlight, roof, and mirrors.

now here is where I get lost. He grabs his cube presses tab to put it into edit mode ( the cube turns like a see through pink ) but then he does something else and the cube is now see through blue or purple ( color deficient cant tell which it is ) and he is now able to use box select to grab it to begin his references…

How do I get my cube to turn blue (or purple) because I cant find this anywhere and have been looking for two days.

thanks for reading guys!



you can switch to wireframe by pressing Z. I don’t know if that’s what you mean (in my case it turns orange transparent, not blue), but it will let you see the reference image through the mesh. Hope this helps.

EDIT: I just googled the video and if it’s the Blender Cookie video by Jonathan Williamson you’re referring to, then it does work the way I described. He adds the cube and switches to wireframe. Since he’s using a pre-2.5 version of Blender, his color scheme is different, that’s all. :slight_smile:

ok cool I have the same edition as him, thanks I will try that out


ok so I am now having a new problem, after I press Z like you told me it changes to an orange color, then the next step he says is to press B and select the top of the box. When I do this nothing changes and then when I do the next step ( pressing G to grab the top and shape it to the body ) it moves the whole cube instead of just the top … any thoughts?

Did you make sure you’re still in edit mode (can you see the individual vertices? If not, you’re in object mode)?

If you’re sure you’re in edit mode, try deselecting everything first (press A once or twice, depending on the current selection), then do the step with B - select again.

Ah thank you that also worked. I may have more questions soon and thanks for being patient with me :slight_smile: