Comments and critiques welcome. I might end up making more changes to it later, but for now I classify it as finished and don’t have any immediate plans for it.


I like it, you have nice texture and lighting. Two crits, maybe beveling some shapes would improve this image, also there is sth wrong with tex ot the edge of green plate.


well I remember some boxes could take 768MB EDO and only 384MB SDRAM.

maybe beveling some shapes would improve this image

I don’t think any of the edges should be beveled. They’re hard edges on the actual RAM.

also there is sth wrong with tex ot the edge of green plate.

I didn’t ever fix the texture on one of the faces. Sigh.

well I remember some boxes could take 768MB EDO and only 384MB SDRAM

Er, okay… not sure where that came from :stuck_out_tongue:

I still recommend beveling it as nothing in the world is perfectly sharp. make the beveling small but still do it.

Nice work though

Very nice work! :smiley:

Though it looks a little out of porportion (Black things seem a little tall http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/dr_nick50437/RAM.jpg

still, nice work :slight_smile:

EDIT: I may be thinking of a differen’t kind of RAM IDK. Im not frammiliar with IDO

The chips on the stick I used as reference are much larger than the ones on the stick you showed (which appears to be SDRAM), however, I still made them slightly too big in the model. I’ll fix that eventually. Thanks for pointing it out!

I may also bevel the edges slightly, as the others suggested, but the last time I beveled something with the bevel script I had to spend more than an hour fixing up all the problems it caused, and now I’m reluctant to bevel anything.

Anyway thanks!

Looks like plain old crap to me!
Lacks talent and vision!

Looks like you’re asking for a warning from our mods.
Lacks social behaviour.

I would work on the green material - it has to much reflectivity, ans the metelic contacts dont look like metal (low specularity? add some bump to them?).

Man you are showing your age… EDO ram, I’m sure EDO had a little notch in the midle of the board though. 32 pins :smiley: Very authentic looking RAM. I don’t think the pins wrapped all the way around the board either on the connector side. I’ll have to go fishing for my old edo stash… if i have it still…

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

No, the pins don’t wrap around. :expressionless: There’s no notch, though. At least, not in the chip I used as a reference and for the texture.

I think I know how to make the pins more reflective now. I’m going to try to fix everything and post an update later today.

edit: Any suggestions for how to make the pins shinier/more metalic looking? Everything I’ve tried has looked like crap.

Also, I don’t think the bevel script is working the same way it did last time, but maybe I’m wrong. Are you supposed to click bevel and then recursive? If I click bevel first it bevels and then deselects everything, and if I click recursive first it does exactly the same thing.

edit 2: Well, I’m a friggin’ idiot. It has 30 pins and therefore, I believe, is SIMM. :expressionless: