Educational Reading Game

Hey everyone this is something a little different. I’m working on a project to Teach children how to read. Check it out.

It is interesting but I wonder if a child in early linguistic phase will have the physical coordination required to interact with the game itself.

I like this project… It certainly is different, and I love to see new ways of teaching. It’s like tux typing, but interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that something you need to put most of your focus into is the GUI. If kids are going to be your target audience, it needs to be appealing to them and easy to understand – maybe bright colors and even simpler than it already is. If you are trying to teach someone the alphabet, I doubt they can count to 20 and count down with decimals (the timer) let alone over 100 (score). Maybe create an analogue clock (maybe not standard, just a bar that gets smaller and changes color as time goes on) and make the score count up by 1.

Great work. :slight_smile:

Hey I appreciate the concern and feedback. At this point a lot of the art and ideas not tied down to necessary mechanics are placeholder. Once I feel i have a skeletal structure built I plan to go back and adjust the timing and difficulty to be appropriate to my average audiences ability. Right now a lot of the game is based for making better paced videos. And @MrPutuLips thank you for the ideas. They’re very insightful.

This looks awesome! Educational games are an area that is severely behind in what is actually possible. Keep up the great work and good luck with your project.

Your game is really cool and pretty, but like @MrPutuLips I think what you’re teaching, and the skill level needed to play the game are at odds. For example, I’m not sure is someone would be able to work out, if not directed, that you have to go through the letter at the bottom of the screen. One solution may be to make the education level harder to match the level of the game… For example, it could start with an audioclip saying “spell ostrich” and you have to find the correct letters of that word. No telling what letters you have to get next - just work it out for trial and error. I have terrible terrible spelling, and I think a game like this could have helped me.

Well hopefully to put you at ease a little bit. This game is going to have a lot of audio direction so the player won’t have to do anything without direction. And I also don’t want to under estimate the kids. kids are a lot more tech savvy than when I was a child. So I just plan to do lots of tests and try to work out the difficulty level from there. A big portion of the pie is every game will start at its easiest and work up the challenge from there so hopefully no two kids will be expected to preform at each others levels. Also there won’t be any game ending consequences to failure. At worst failure inconveniences the player but I don’t want the action/learning to stop. I hope this eases some concerns.

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