Eek! My BGE is getting old!

Today when I woke up, booted my comp and opened up blender, I got these super old looking graphics from BGE! Like from some old photo! :expressionless: And what’s up with the rabbit in the upper corner!? >:| Is my BGE finally getting too old to satisfy my game development needs?

oh, that. yeah, mine did that about a week ago. I made a really cool game with it, but when i tried to save it, it all went back to normal. :frowning:
It must be a ghost feature…

What the?!

AH! I just remembered. something like this happened before.

is it finally ready for release?

Nope, not ready yet ;).

getting excited, i gotta log onto #blendercoders and catch up a bit :slight_smile:

I guess BlendX is a go, good work Toonist. hope to see it in 2.5 if possible.:spin:

Yeah, I hope that BlendX will be out soon. :smiley: zGppd work!!!

I see you have some sort of GUI scripting in there - is that something you have been working on or is it sitting in the current BGE and I don’t know about it?

By the way its looking really great.


BlendX is a BGE rewrite, so nothing of the script is in the current BGE.

WOW, that is nice. I was also looking at the new logic brick. I didn’t expect them to be backwards compatible. It sounded too good to be true. But after I seen the new picture of the Logic Brick system, wow, it may be backwards compatible after all. (New logic brick system in picture below)

So if the new GE is completley rewritten, does that means liscencing will change too?(just a thought, not a flame war)

So if the new GE is completley rewritten, does that means liscencing will change too?

It could, but I don’t think it will.

Well I think I’ll just use the zlib license for the engine and the code, and no fees for releasing games. Royality free.

I’m not sure about changing the logic bricks system since it would be a pretty big job. Got my hands full with the engine already…

wow… looks interesting


Where did you get the picture of the logic brick from ?


please dont tell me this is a joke. and if it isnt, please spell python right lol

A long time ago, there was a proposal of making a new logic brick system for blender.

GE gui looks very nice! Will be possible use imagemap for gui?

Nope, that won’t be possible. Currently only regular buttons are available for GUI interaction. Will probably be adding check boxes and sliders later on.