eeshlo's lf export script

(bmax) #1

as you might have noticed, i havent been around for a while (vacation).

and because of that i might have missed the release of eeshlo’s new lf
export script.

if anybody could be so kind as to tell me where i can download the script (provided the new version HAS been released), i would be very grateful.


(fullback) #2

He hasn’t released it yet.

(wiensta) #3

he hasnt made it yet!!

(bmax) #4

ARRRGH!!! :x
that m7h3r fc!"&$ son of a B!/$§ !!!


Tom :wink:

(eeshlo) #5

Thanks for the kind comments! :frowning:

You might have missed this:

And yes, I’m still working on it, if I do something, I try to push it as far as I can, but that also means that it takes lots of time since I’m doing things that I have to solve myself, things that are not really possible in Blender’s current state. And that takes a lot of hard work and testing, I’m really very sorry…
Of course by the time I’m ready with it, Blender has already gone opensource, so it probably will be for nothing anyway, but I like to go to the max, even if no-one will use it in the end…
Coding itself is more fun and rewarding sometimes than the end result.

Anyway, like I said many times before, try some of the other exporters like POVanim by JMS or Blenderman, or the VirtuaLight exporter…
Or maybe experiment with Jandro’s YafRay raytracer, even just testing will help further development…

(wiensta) #6

dont apologize!! :slight_smile:

I think anyone here who really needed it wouldve switched tho blenderman. Its a toy, but a damn great one, my favourite!

In fact its the mainly the reason I keep using Blender!

And dont worry about nobody using it, sure they will!

(Timothy) #7

you should simply (well not simply :)) code it into blender when it is opensourced!!

(eeshlo) #8

Well, wouldn’t really be possible with LF, there is no sourcecode, but Jandro’s raytracer would be a possiblity. On Jandro’s forum you can find a link to some pictures of my own raytracing experiments, nothing spectacular but I’m porting some things from that to Jandro’s raytracer at the moment (well not really at this moment, lots of other things to do).

(bmax) #9

hey eeshlo! dont take my comments too personally, i was just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue: okay, maybe i do have a strange sense of humor, but you’ll just have to bear with me :wink: . too bad.

im very happy that you are doing what you’re doing, and i wish you all the best of luck! i really think that all that hard work should be rewarded, so folks, give eeshlo a round of applause!