Eevee, Alpha Maps

Hi, I try to create a material for leaves in Eevee but have no idea how it work.
Checked old files with trees and so forth but nothing work.

I would be very happy about help, mib

Properties Window > Material > Options > Blend Mode


Hi, thank you, was testing Blend Mode already but no success.
May you can have a look at my test file:

Cheers, mib


Blumentoepfe_Feuerloescher.blend (7.14 MB)

Hi, I work not with Blender for a long time and it seams I forgot not only material settings, shortcuts are gone too. :frowning:
So I have to start from scratch with some tutorials.

Thanks for the unpleasant truth, mib.

I think to make this work in cycles and in Eevee you have to use a Material Mix node. And use a Transparent BSDF along with another shader like the Principled Shader. An alpha map will drive the Factor input on the mix node. The color of the Transparent BSDF determins the level of transparency. The colors of the black and white alpha map of course drive the areas where you want transparency and opacity. Make sure the Transparency Shader is set to Transparency and not Opaque. Your principled shader of course has all of the leaf maps.

Hello mib!
Yes, nodes like Cycles. And configuring Shadows in lamp, Blend mode in material.
This is my try:

By the way, I’m using build from Tuesday 17. in last build transparencies look different.

Thanks Richard, YAFU, I got it to work after reading some tutorials. :slight_smile:
Eevee looks quite different with build from today than Cycles but it is still all WIP.

Cheers, mib

YAFU, your setup is nice, thank you.

Cheers, mib

Sorry but it doesnt work out of the box like it does with Cycles. Doing a mix with alpha and transparent shader does NOT work like with Cycles.

Yes, it does. The only difference is that you also set the Blend Mode in Material Settings to one of the options with ‘Alpha’ in the name than everything goes as in Cycles.

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So you need to extra step, just saying :wink:

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That extra step is in my very first post (April 2018). Why do you guys keep reviving a thread that was solved 9 month ago?