Eevee alpha see first on sight only

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I am trying to make a semi-transparent material in real time that allows to see though what is behind (so with Eevee).

I was adviced to use the alpha value and the alpha blend/hashed wich got me much closer to what i want. Now i want to know if it is possible to only see the first object on sight with a given material, which would make the left one looking like the right one. But still be able to see through.

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disable “show backface”

with “show backface” enabled

with “show backface” disabled

thanks for the answer, but that only seems to work in a direction, and it doesn’t seem to be showing the other material behind

i may be asking for too much…

yeah, eevee chokes on too many alpha layers stacked. You might need to do some compositing to get the effect you are looking for

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If I followed your question it would just be a transparent cube…
Or are you asking that the Left object is made of a Cube and the egg crate is built in it? and it is transparent???

Sorry, but the question is too convoluted to know what you are asking…especially given the first question

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Thanks for your answer, indeed i may have lost myself in the questions. What i want, is that, if you have a lot of objects using the same materials, you only see the one in front and not the ones behind. As if it was only one object. So if we have a network of cubes as you show, it would only appear as a big transparent cube even though we have a lot of them.

so that, instead of looking like the one on the left, i want it to look like the one on the right.

It will only work up to a point…as when you turn to another view the faces that make the inner sections are made of the sections that are also the outer cube…if you just go with the material route and don’t copy those faces and separate to a different object…

Here is the inner section

Shadows are a bit of a problem even when not active…but then this is just a screen render in EeVee…

and here is the outer section

NOTE: it isn’t a back corner like in your image but a section out of the inside of the cubes…

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