Eevee and multiple graphics cards

Sorry if this has already been answered, but I’m thinking that eevee is only going to make use of one of my GTX 1070s, correct? I know it makes cycles worse, but will enabling SLI speed things up for eevee?

Is there a way of using both? Could I make a virtual machine that uses one of the cards and run two instances of blender?

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no eevee does not support multiple GPU “yet”

You can use two instances of Blender for e.g. rendering out different frame ranges of an animation to use both cards simultaneously. No need to use a VM.

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Interesting. What VM software supports that? Anyway you remember that all the frames of an animation must be consistent. I have seen that OpenGL results may vary depending on drivers/hardware. I’m not sure how consistent it would be for animation.

I’m not sure if I understood. How would you do that for Eevee/OpenGL?

I’m gonna make a little vid about this later. When I’m at home.

On windows with GeForce drivers its really easy. Just open one Blender with GPU 1 and then switch the settings and open another Blender. Sometimes i use 8 Blenders simultaneously to get 100% gpu load with eevee rendering.

Most of the time is use a titan x for the viewport (monitor is connected), and render on my two 1080 TI, so i can surf the web without lag while rendering.


I’m not sure that there is one, it was a hypothetical question really… And yes renders from my macbook are different to those on my PC. That said, Both cards in my PC are the same so in theory that wouldn’t be an issue. But yeah, ideally I could render one scene using one instance of blender and GPU 1, and another scene on another instance of blender on GPU 2

I think both instances of blender would be using the card that was driving the screen.


That’s what I was looking for! My deadline just got a lot more realistic :smiley:

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Haha, I love your titan powered web browser.


Cool! I can not test because I only have a single nvidia card. I hope that this can also be done in Linux.

Sorry no vid today. I don’t find the time.

In Windows, it’s even easier. Just right click the blender exe.

If you are on NVIDIA that is.


I am not aware of this feature in the Linux driver. I am experimenting with this but haven’t had much luck for now.


Sweeet!! Didn’t know that.

Does it work even if you do CPU+GPU render ? Perhaps one instance does CPU+GPU render and the other instance does 2nd GPU render to max out all cores ?

Eevee doesn’t use cpu+gpu to render like cycles does.

Hi All, new to the forum & a few weeks into somewhat ambitious (over ambitious some would say) Blender Project.

Can Eevee utilise more than one GPU on a Mac when rendering?

I’ve got a Mac pro 5.1 (Mojave) & have connected 3xRX580 8GB GPUs as an experiment.

Blender only uses one GPU when rendering, but DaVinci Resolve uses all 3 GPU to 100% (300%!) capacity.

Is there anything I can do to ‘make’ Blender 2.8 use the available GPUs?

For now only if Mac drivers would somehow allow for designating a specific card to a Blender instance (which I didn’t heard of by now. But then I am no Mac guy…) . That’s just how Eevee works to date.