I have three question :-

i was woundring if i merged EEVEE and UPBGE ( 2.5 ) would HDRI , lighting , world reality and all that crazy stuff of EEVEE will work with the game engine or not ??

another question , should i have a background of EEVEE or just learning the normal cycles will be enough , or EEVEE and cycles have the same method of use ???

if you have the answers of those two questions i assum you have the answers of the third one

IF adding EEVEE in game engine is possible , how to do it ??? by only ticking the USE NODES square ?? or there’s another way to do it !!!

i have i lot of questions community , sorry :sweat_smile:

Why not simply use Upbge 0.3 :laughing:


  1. I dont think its possible. The render engine extensions are different.
  2. 0.3.0 will breaks 0.2.5 game… eg: loading screen, menus, game… because addscene is missing.
  3. Its nice to play with.



I was thinking about that , but i want to know how to use EEVEE features in the Game Engine???

UPBGE 0.3 uses eevee in the game engine

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With all features ??

That is the ultimate claim by UPBGE 0.3 & I believe that is accurate.

Hello guys, I need your help, please help me guys, I want to use it despiretly,I think you know about UPBGE eevee, I want to use it on my pc, but i cannot run it due to my old hardware, so i got a soulution that I will download the UPBGE eeveemerge7, which uses eevee in blender 2.79 UI, but when I download the files, it shows some unusual files and does it does not show the blender exe which is the UPBGE eevee in blender 2.7, can you please tell me how to get the app? Here is the link from where I download the files:

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