Eevee animation support roadmap?

Hello everyone!

I looked everywhere but could not find a roadmap for Eevee animation support, when is it planned to be available, anyone knows?

With latest build I can import FBX animation, the armature animation imported great, but the mesh does not attach to it!

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Here :

Someone please correct me on this, but if I’m not mistaken, for armature to work correctly (as in ‘move mesh’), armature modifier is needed. And iirc modifiers are not yet implemented back in 2.8x branch (that or they need to be rewritten for new depgraph to work at all.)

Modifiers are present in 2.8.
But yes, derived mesh data produced by modifiers have to handle correctly new depsgraph abilities (better multi-threading, duplis and overrides).

If you want to add bigger wheels to your car to make it a monster trunk, it is a little bit more complex than just removing the small ones.
You have to change car frame, too. And while you are doing that, the car has no wheel and can’t move.

Thanks for the replies guys!

Yes, the armature modifier is present, but does not seem to work, just like you can use the subsurf modifier, but need to apply it before the mesh can appear smooth in Eevee, so I guess modifiers are not working still!