Eevee emission from hidden object

Hi folks.

I’m trying to get used to Eevee, I’ve been a stead fast Cycles person up to know, to be honest I’m quite liking a lot of what Eevee does.

There’s a lighting trick I’ve used before with Cycles, making an object emit light while also hiding it from renders. I can’t seem to find all the settings required for this in Eevee. Is this possible?


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if you’re talking about an object that is emitting light with Emission node (and not about a light object), you can do it through a circumvoluted way: Give your object a material that mixes its material with a Transparent node, plug the Input > Light Path node > Is Camera Ray output socket into the factor of the Mix Shader. This way you won’t see the object in Render, you’ll only see his effect. But you also need to create a Light Probe > Irradiance Volume around your scene and in the Render panel > Indirect Lighting > Bake Indirect Lighting to see the effect on the environment. There might be another way but for the moment I think it’s the way.