EEVEE Environment light problem

Hi all,
i’m trying to manage EEVEE light system and i’ve some problem baking Indirect light.
Baking the light, the projection of the light of the probes appear to be a smooth square and the result is terrible…
The only light source is the World Environment Texture (HDRI texture), no light point and no sun.

Someone know how to manage that kind of ‘shadows’?
I had try to touch every kind of parameter, Cubemap size, Diffuse bounces, number of probes…etc…


I would like to smooth this ‘sorts of shadows’ and then, if it’s sufficiently smooth, add a Sun light point with realtime shadows, someone know if is this possible in EEVEE?

Here’s the .blend file

Irradiance Volume is meant to capture indirect lighting only. Your HDRI has sunlight which produces very directional shadows - IV won’t be able to capture that. The only solution is to use different HDRI without such directional light (or just rotate the one you use, so the light does not come through window hole) and use Sun lamp

I’m not an Eevee user, but I would create an almost mirror polished sphere and orient the sun lamp such that it aligns with the HDRI sun, then clamp the HDRI. I think you can do this from env texture -> separate HSV -> combine HSV where the two first are connected but the V signal goes through a math(minimum) node.