Eevee Grass


Looks nice, though grass a bit repetitive. Is background an image or mesh?


Is this using an add-on for the grass like graswald?

No. Instead of using a particle system I used group instances.

I was testing group instances in Eevee for the grass.

It worked fantastic. It`s actually one island of grass place under “collection instances”…

…this configuration allowed me to multiply the island numerous of times without any PC memory limitation as you would have using a particle system.

What this means basically is that I created one physical mesh into multiple “virtual meshes” to save PC performance. It worked great in eevee.

The only drawback is the repetition as you can only manipulate the size of a “virtual mesh”.

However this was only a test and you can by pass the issue by creating 3 different islands of grass and set them in a group instance to create the virtual ones.

Here’s a link on youtube on how I used the ‘‘collection instance’’ in Eevee known as the ‘‘group instance’’ in blender 2.79 instead of particle system to save pc performance.


Here’s is an example on how I created a ‘‘collection instance’’ in Blender Eevee known as a ‘‘group instance’’ in Blender 2.79 instead of a particle system to generate grass with out any performance issues.

Here is the screen shot of some mountains using the same ‘‘instance’’ technique to achieve similar results (with some PS editing) of the above image. Over 1billion vertices kept under 1.80GB and pc runs smooth. also has excellent photo reference of mountains.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!