Eevee hair demo

This is exciting, I think it’s not even optimized jet.


In Render tab, have you tried with “Strip” type?
That matches better with the settings in Particles tab you were used to with Cycles.
Ok, forget my question. You should be using “Strip” type according to the thickness of the hair in the video.

Yes, I did. Eevee has already excellent performance, but the development isn’t finished yet,
so I think there will be even more speed :slight_smile:

Disabling denoising makes it even better

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Hope you don’t mind, but I thought your test looked great and linked it in The latest in Eevee/Grease Pencil demos and animations.

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all of you use words like great, amazing exciting. I say blehh
That hair is totally useless, it looks so fake. But of course maybe I have misunderstood something?

Eevee hair is amazing:

You can test for yourself by opening old files in Blender 2.8, and correctly configuring Hair in eevee.

But I had a dizziness and headache when trying to configure Particles System in new 2.8 with things jumping and constantly changing place when I unfold/retracted options in new single column properties editor. I had to abandon it, so sorry for not being able to achieve a better hair configuration.

hmm yes your hair on that picture looks great. but show a picture from the forhead where the strands originate

Done in Cycles 2.79 - Model by BlenderBuzz

Done in cycles 2.80 alpha - Model by Blenderbuzz

What are you trying to show with this?

I am trying to show that eevee is not yet good enoght for rendering hair. I am coming with a eevee result also, so then we can compare. Someone told me that I should take in a old model , i did that, but it is not working with eevee, the hair shader i mean. If you look at the video do you realy think that is good hair? I have to admit that I was rather quick to judge eevee hair capabilities based on that video.

Done in Eevee 2.8 Alpha (with principled hair shader) - Model by Blenderbuzz

Done in Eevee 2.8 alpha (no hair shader) - Model by Blenderbuzz
So yes the conclusion was that I am wrong, eevee is amaing on hair. BUT…only if I rendered with strand and not Strip


Man i just hope hair system overhaul would be among next development targets. And eevee is great with hair indeed, but would be much greater if it could use hair principled bsdf (or some approximation of it).

We need eevee hair transparency support on tips…like: Urgent.