Eevee Hair Material

Eevee is great. Eeeve is amazing in fact. BUT it does not have good hair material, as far as I know, I may be doing something wrong, and I probably am tbh.

This is my current state of progress on “Elsa of Arendale”, but I can’t get the hair strands to render correctly. I am going for a mix between particles and mesh, mainly because I don’t have the render farm needed to render it. (If anyone knows a way between this, that would be amazing!).
Currently, I have a default BSDF material going through a glossy shader.

Again, if anyone knows a way to make this look better that would be great! For my current model, I know its not right 100%, its a WIP, ill get to it!

I did a rework on the lighting real quick, and i removed the back lights. It makes it look better, but the hair is still fairly flat looking.