Eevee - How Do You Make Object Not React To Specific Light Source

Hi All,
I’m using Blender 2.83 with the Eevee render engine. I’m wondering how to make two objects in the scene pretend that a couple of the lights in the scene aren’t there. I don’t want these specific objects to be lit by these specific lights. Thanks for any help! All I could find was outdated info for blender internal or cycles and no good tutorials.

you can’t, not in Cycles or Eevee. This light linking functionality doesn’t exist yet in Blender for these renderers.

Not sure about 3rd party renderers tbh, but the programmers are aware of this. But no timeline yet on bringing this to Blender.

You could use Octane for blender. It is the only free to use renderer that i know of that has this functionality.

Though @RobWu is correct that there isn’t a built-in way currently, I just wanted to post a link to the task that is tracking this implementation (in Cycles, at least):