Eevee indirect light baking question

So, I wonder how Eevee indirect light baker (with Irradiance Volume) tells which object to bake. In game engines, for example, I have to mark object as “lighmap static” or something like that, to factor in baking. Eevee has nothing similar. Does it take into account every renderable object then? If I have a character in the scene that needs to be animated, do I need to set it to non-renderable before baking?

There’s a option in irradiance volume settings to restrict what object will be included in bake. It also has a toggle to invert selection so you can just choose the character collection and invert the selection and it won’t be included in bakes. By default it creates the probe lighting with every object included.

I’m not sure if there’s some automatic restriction on animated objects, but I doubt it. Either would be easy to test it out with high intensity emissive object for example.

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Indeed, I need to test, but visibility collection is a good start. Shame on me for missing this option in the first place, and thanks!

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