EEVEE invisible Emisson mesh?

Is there a trick to have an emission mesh which can emit light with some bloom but not seen in the render ?

Does EEVEE has some sort of ray visibility like Cycles?

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We have a working light path/iscameraray. Apparently. Surprisingly even.
I can’t fathom how this would be used for anything useful.
I’m not into Eevee, but I would guess there is no way considering we don’t have a flexible passes system to do it in post, and considering pretty much everything in Eevee is based on what you see.

problem with light path is that the mesh is not seen but the light goes away too!
so not really good !

I need like an equivalent mesh light source but not seeing it
even using an IES light won’t work cause I cannot put it outside
it does not do the right light distribution in space around the LED

if you look to my render it is almost good 90 %
so still missing a more realist physical render !

but it is better then in cycles!

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