Eevee loft


These are some images of the last project realized with eevee in my spare time.
I leave you also a small animation composed with adobe premiere. There is no postproduction in the animation but there is in the stills with photoshop. all frames was rendered in one day approximately, each frame took about 45 to 60 seconds to be rendered. (on nvidia 1080 graphics card)

The latest versions of blender 2.80 are working quite well, but for large files, in my opinion, it still has to be very optimized. I miss the agility that blender 2.79 has in some cases. The scene has been created in 2.79 and moved 2.80.

The irradiance volume is basically one with 4/4/4 resolution
the background is a white color
Is deactivated the bloom for de animation because I didn’t know how to control it for such large areas.

Thank you.

here is te video

some screenshots of my settings:

the eevee settings
the irradance volumen and reflections cubemaps

Thank you.
sorry for my english


Wow god jobs :raised_hands:t6::raised_hands:t6:
maybe you could have put some environement image at the window level

Beautiful renders !!! Thanks for sharing your render setting. And by the way, your English is fine

amazing !!!

Thank you @tayo6, @BD3D . You’re right @Ziaad, with a better environment the scene would improve, if I have time I do.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

Thanks bartv!!

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