Eevee Material Transparency Question

Hi, I does anyone know how to make a semi-transparent material in Eevee which will allow the other images to show through?

I made a material which I thought would work but it is rendering opaque. I thought using the “math” node allow me to use “Overlay” but it is not an option. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Screen Grab (centre light blue object is transparent)

Rendered (object is no longer transparent)

Heres what I am trying to achieve so I’d like the materials to react to each other using “overlay” or some other color mode.

In your material settings you have to set the Blend Mode to one of the alpha modes. Edit: Alpha Blend works well.


Wow thanks Safetyman. Thanks so much.

Does anyone know how I could rotate all of the pieces at once instead of rotating them all individually?

Parent them all to one object, like an Empty and then rotate the Empty.

Thanks jerzygorskiart[Jerzy Górski] Sorry I may have not explained it well. I want to rotate only the beginning of the curve of each color. So when I rotate them they all grow from 0 to 360 deg. Currently I can select one of the curves and in the “Curve” modifier, I slide the rotation to grow the curves. I was wondering if there was a way to be able to grow all the curves from a starting point to a 360 deg. finish?
I am using a “screw” modifier to rotate a vertices.

you can achive it with drivers. Basicly it just makes one parameter dependend on the other.
Right-click on the rotation and then click add driver. Then the driver popup should appear.
It works like that: there is an expression input. You can leave it as it is for now. But you should know that “var” is the default input variable that is defined below. All you need to do is to set up what that “var” stands for. For example it can be Z position of an empy object or a custom property.
after setting the driver for one object you can copy the driver and paste it in the other objects so their parametrs always behave the same.

Thanks so much jerzygorskiart! I will give that a try!