Eevee multi-GPU animation rendering

I know Eevee multi-GPU is not possible for OpenGL old crap but maybe at least it is possible to send different frames to different graphic cards for much faster animation rendering? What do you think guys?

A Rendering trick I do is this. Render a test frame, your heaviest. While this is happening monitor your CPU max usage and GPU max usage. Let’s say your rendering an animation of 1000 frames and your CPU hits 40%, and your GPU hits 40%.

Do two save-as. 1st file render frame 1-500, 2nd file render 501 to 1000. Your CPU will be at 80% along your with your GPU. (40% per file)

This works really well especially with small animations.

And if either the CPU or GPU is over 50% you can still use each file to render from a specific GPU. In Edit -> Preferences -> System.

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Check this post and topic:

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Thanks. I am using multi Blender instances for Cycles. For Eevee you can’t choose specific GPU in preferences as far as I know.

Good for Windows. Anyone know is it possible to assign different GPUs to Blender instances in macOS?

Well Windows Nvivida users. For AMD could not locate similar function.

Still in the end there shouldn’t be a “workaround” and shoudl be baked in. I expect that they will in the near future. For rendering there are many multi-GPU users and current implementation kills many users (including cloud rendering services) performance.

Unfortunately for the time being it is only easily done on Windows with NVIDIA cards.
I got it to render on Linux with two X-servers on two monitors. (Can be simulated with a dummy device). But performance is pi$$ poor.
I can’t test with AMD drivers since I only have one VEGA. Still researching.

Edit! Oh I forgot. I also could do it with a VM and GPU passthrough but don’t find it feasible until I find a way to conveniently reattach the card to the host without rebooting.

Yep. These are all just nice tricks and fake solutions.

Today Radeon Pro Render with Full Spectrum Rendering was announced with hybrid mode. Rasterized mode use Vulkan so in theory it should be easer to support multi-GPU. I hope for macOS Metal version soon.

Look at that.