Eevee not using my GPU to render?


I am new to Blender, and I have encounted some rendering problem. And hopefully someone could give me some hints to help me to figure it out.

Computer Specs: i7 9700K, 16G, RTX 2070
Blender Version: Blender 2.82

Problem Description: Eevee not using GPU to render?

Stage 1.

I have created 20 mountains by using GIS, each of the size of 1000 meters. And I am trying to simulate a fly by and film all the mountains. So after creating 6500 frames, I tried to use EEVEE to render. But GPU doesnt seem to have loads, so as speculated, it seems to be rendering by using CPU alone.

Stage 2.

After browsing several forum sites, examples as below,

Especially these two posts explained how to render several instances by using multiple Graphic cards. I dont have mutiple Graphic cards, but I thought the setting might help me anyway.

I have realized that maybe it was my Nvidia driver’s problem. So I installed the latest Nvidia studio driver, and configure Nvidia overall setting of Open GL by using GeForce RTX 2070 only, and also Blender Open GL by only using Graphic card.

The result I got is somehow weird, the Graphic card seems to function, but not as how I desired. CPU usage was still around 20% as before, so was ram usage 40%-60%, but GPU only had occasional surge of 30-50% usage and it dropped to 0% instantly and stayed there.

So my question is that is it normal for GPU to perform like this, or is it like everybody else’s rendering but mine make GPU to have a relatively steady usage?

And how can I make eevee only render on my GPU? Thank you!

(I can only upload and show one image at a time according to the popped message. And I deleted the old one and uploaded the new one with GPU-Z.)

Thank you guys for the help! Following everybody’s helpful advice, I have checked that both of my DP cables are and were always connected into my RTX Graphic Card (I have two monitors). And I have downloaded GPU-Z and took the snapshot. But does this suggest from the graph that my RTX is working with rendering?

So after I tried with “Mr. Elephant” scene, GPU is 100% loaded. Thank you Yaku. And thank you everybody for the help. I will make a sum.

I think there isn’t any problem with my computer, graphic card or blender version. The problem is only my doubt of why my GPU is not loaded when my own project is rendering. Since my GPU works fine for other complicated demos, and for my project, probably I didnt use much modifier, the GPU didnt seem to load too much, as explained by Hikmet. Appreciated all your help.

Lastly, I will attach a rendering image of my project.

Eevee is only a GPU and is not using the CPU to render.

why are you looking at video encoding/decoding stats? Watching yourtube videos while rendering?

In the Taskmanager, click on the Copy dropdown and set it to CUDA. You will see it will utilize the CUDA cores.

Thank you, I have learned this from various posts as well. But that still doesnt explain why my CPU usage is constantly around 20%, but GPU usage stayed at 0 most of the time.

Yeah, that is exactly what I am doing. Searching answers for my question while rendering.

Thank you, I checked and I have only seen surge some times at 3D. And when I switched Copy to CUDA, and monitored for a couple of minutes, it stayed at zero.

You can think Eevee like a game. If a game high-end, your GPU will full load, if a game is low-end, your GPU will not load. Eevee is mostly use OpenGL.

Don’t rely on task manager. It’s giving inaccurate results. Use more advanced monitoring tool such as: GPU-Z

Eevee doesn’t used CUDA so ignore this advice.

Checked with adaptive rendering activated. Cuda stays zero for eevee but 3D is ~40% utilized like what i expect from OpenGL. (Settings have been cranked up a bit to force more load)
Most times im on Cycles and didn’t noticed the lack of CUDA use. Dunno if the RTX implementation supports EEVEE.

I mean if you want to see the gpu rendering load you need to use something like HWiNFO or aforementioned GPU-Z to see the GPU utilization.

The encoding/decoding graph is for the subset of the GPU that just deals with video. Not graphics rendering.

Some issues that some users have already clarified.
Eevee uses OpenGL (not CUDA, not OpenCL).
You use a GPU monitor like GPU-z.
CPU is also used with Eevee, generally not at full load.
You have two GPUs there, intel iGPU and nvidia. You make sure that nvidia is primary graphic display and you have screen connected there. If you are using iGPU as the primary display, then you find out about how achieve nvidia OpenGL render offload on your OS.

Thank you for the help. I am still learning, so at least I know where to find CUDA performance.

Thank you. I followed the advice and uploaded the performance using GPU-Z.

For my project, I am sure Cycles will make the final result better. But considering the time consumed, I am a bit of reluctant to use Cycles. Eevee on the other hand should be faster.

Thank you for the reply. So are you suggesting that it is normal to see GPU not with much loads during some “low-end” rendering process? I imagined or I depicted in my mind GPU to be fully loaded as long as it is in the rendering process.

Thanks. Followed the advice.

Yes. Example, when you use SSS, 4D Noise etc. numerous, your GPU will full load. Because GPU Load = How much process instruction working. Some shaders not spend too much instruction, but some shaders spend too much.

Thank you, YAFU. I have seen your reply in other posts and it is very helpful. I triple checked my DP cable is always connected to my RTX Graphic Card. And I have uploaded GPU performance result by using GPU-Z. But it turned the usage of my GPU is still around 0. Do you have any idea what other ways can I use to force blender use RTX Graphic Card?