Eevee nurbspath (not yet suported?)

A nurbspath with a circle object as bevel, look kinda strange in eevee, tubes dont make smooth turns but are straight and angled.

I would not think that this would render engine dependent (its a shape), or is it just a part of eevee that is not yet finished ?. Or is it a bug ?
Also workbench has this effect.

Note its only when rendering not in vieport display rendering on CPU (my gpu not suported).

I have no problem with beveled nurbspath.
Most of times when a path does not render as smooth as expected, it is because of a lack of resolution in U direction.

If it is a platform specific bug. It does not seem to affect my build under linux.

well its not curved at all its straight from point to point, kinda strange.

That’s what default beveled Nurbs path looks like, here.

Yes i know, when i render above i get straight tubes, so not as rendered in the viewport. In the render its not bended, its a couple of straight tubes. with sharp corners folowing the nurbspath and not the smooth bending.

I have same result in render.
Does a reload factory setting before adding a nurbs path change something ?

By default, Render U setting should be equal to 0. That means that is viewport resolution that is used.
If Render U equals 1, it is normal to have straight lines. If it is increased to 12 or more, result should be smoothed.

U is zero…
maybe i use a new build to see if things get solved.