Eevee "photorealistc" car/ carbon

First time thread start :slight_smile:

SO i’ve been working on a project with eevee just messing around for the last week and i’ve been trying to throw all the special tricks at it … SSGI, HDRI lighting with ground plane for stand in while i finished up the car before going to do a full cg scene. I got stuck hard because i wanted to do some carbon fiber bits but all the tutorials just didn’t quite get there and a big problem is the fact that eevee has no true anisotropic reflections / rotation. Something that has plagued me with my other work stuff as i did a lot of brushed steel. so after watching all the eevee cf tutorials i could find and devising some more hacks i came up with this. I used the cf normal map and used materialize to work backwards to help add more depth by making an AO overlay to make it feel like the carbon went under itself a bit more and added more threads. that being said this should be able to use any normal map without an issue . but as we all know the true hardest part is the “dead” look because of the anisotropy Let me know what you all think i’m not sure if i’m done with it yet but so far i’m happy with where it’s going. Not the most complicated node setup but as a 3d max user i don’t generally go super in depth with that usually just rocking pbr making some textures and dropping them in whoops

excuse the videos glitching out apparently nvidia screenrecorder decided it was gonna be weird LOL
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any feedback would be greatly appreciated as i’m trying to make this as real as possible in eevee :slight_smile:

It looks pretty good , I think you can go with it, as long as you don’t do close-ups on the material it will do the job.

Maybe a math wizard could do some better cheat, but isn’t it better to use the tools at our disposal instead of spending time doing hacks to have features that at some point will end up in eevee anyway…

Well done !

it doesn’t fair too bad up close. I honestly was hoping they would’ve implemented anisotropy, IES and a few other things by now but gotta do what you gotta do LOL. but these are part of why i was asking for feedback haha i’m not a math wiz but far as i could find this might be the most realistic eevee out there and if not i’d love to make it that way and make a tutorial to help everyone :slight_smile:

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