EEVEE procedural clouds and creation of flipbooks

Inspired by the realtime volumetrics cloudscapes of horizon zero dawn, I started to replicate some of the mentioned techniques in Blender. I also wanted to use these results to create flipbook textures for UE4, as mentioned in an article by Ryan Brucks.

I had quite a lot of fun creating these cloudscapes and spent more time for now trying to create some convincing clouds in Blender.

I also found a way to render the flipbook textures with Cycles and had a humble success using a raymarching technique in UE4, but this needs a lot more work. The Blender part was quite easy, using array modifiers and an orthographic camera to render the flipbook of a “pseudo volumetric texture”.

What’s left is to tweak the procedural texture to look good in UE4 as well, but I wanted to share what I found out so far with you guys, hoping that someone can make good use of it.

You can download the files for free from gumroad.