Eevee render animation ignores baked cache

HI, I have baked some hair dynamics and a soft body curve guide for hair. After the bake, I can see the hair acting as expected in the 3d viewport. When I render a single frame the hair also is rendering fine. When I choose “render animation” it seems like Blender is ignoring the simulation cache because the hair either disappears completely or goes crazy.
I have tested and I can render each frame in eevee individually by sitting there and selecting render image for each frame and the simulation looks as it should. Is there some other way to render out each frame that will use the baked cache?
I am using Blender 2.8 the official release and eevee render. I have tested cycles render and the hair seems to render fine. I remeber in the past when using open GL render stuff like this would happen. It seems like the renderer just needs to slow down if that makes sense.
Any ideas?

Right now I’m working on a project that contain some hair dynamic and I didn’t notice anything that you are describing. However if the cache is clearly baked in the viewport and not in the render there are several things I can think of.
Make sure that while baking the hair the simplify is turned off and all modifiers before the paricle system have exactly the same settings for viewport and for render.

Also there is some chance that it has something to do with a dependency cycle. Are there any drivers used for any of the modifiers?

the hair emitter did not have and subsurface and I had the hair set to full in simplify. I did try disabling simplify and that did not help.

The rig is from auto rig pro so there may be drivers I dont know about.

Just the weird thing is it looks fine in the 3d viewport. When I render a single frame it looks fine. For example if I sit there and press “render frame” for each frame 1-10, the hair behaves exactly as it should. If I set the render start frame to 1 and the end frame to 10, then press “render animation” it gets all screwed up.

The reason a single render is fine is because before you render a single frame you need to enter that frame manualy which updates everything. There is definitly a bug going on here but I can’t really tell if it’s blenders fault or auto rig pro’s.
If you turn off the hair is there anything different in those renders? Like more subdivisions or something?

The only difference is the hair.

Yes. Its like the render animation function is not updating form the cache.

I wonder if there is some other way to render out the frames. Like for example some automated way with the console that will render each frame without me having to click it… that or I could just do like 10 frames per second… to look like claymation or something… just kidding

I redid the whole thing. I changed the curve to only have 3 vertices. It had like 10 before. It seems to be rendering fine now. The hair is less accurate but at least it renders and bakes faster.

Yeah, I have the exact same problem. I only used the softbody simulation. The rendered animation was totally different from what it performed in the viewport. When I click to a certain frame, I can obviously notice the object behalf wrong in the first place, but then in a second, it switches to the correct position. It seems that there is a lag of calculation. What we have seen in the viewport is refreshed after the calculation, but is rendered before the calculation.

I tested the cloth simulation in the same scene with the same object, it performs the same both in viewport and renderer. So I guess it is some kind of thread management error of softbody simulation.

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