Eevee render of Mr. Elephant

(Glenn Melenhorst) #1

Well, this has been fun. It’s so nice to see this kind of feedback in the VIEWPORT! Fantastic fun with Eevee.

(Glenn Melenhorst) #2

And a few more…

(3pointEdit) #3

Looks amazing! Is the fire contributing much light?


Could you post the final render?

(Hadriscus) #5

Holy shit this is amazing. o_o

(Ace Dragon) #6

Anything made with Eevee should look far better in a month after refraction effects, soft shadows, and SSS get added.

It’s basically become what BI wished it could be (and may become a good alternative to Cycles in tasks that do not require the maximum level of material and lighting accuracy).

(Glenn Melenhorst) #7

No, I only have an alpha in there and a point light behind it. It’s a cheat. :slight_smile:

(Glenn Melenhorst) #8

I did the final render AGES ago in cycles and it doesn’t look very similar. You can see it on my website, it’s actually my banner:

(foxrender) #9

amazing work. what a happy little mouse in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Glenn Melenhorst) #10

Here’s a little video of the scene:

(3pointEdit) #11

Ohh, it would be so nice to have refraction on the Material node, then you could do heat shimmer from the fire.

(Glenn Melenhorst) #12

Here’s a quick test showing the same scene without volumetrics. Much faster.

(MatthewCoccoli) #13

Really nice work, reminds of Ratatouille. This viewport development is exciting. But something seems “off” about the elephant, maybe the trunk could be elongated in order to be more accurate to nature.

(3pointEdit) #14

At 0.29 those lamp shades have weird shading. Whats going on there?

(Daaaargh) #15

Very cool work!!

(cgstrive) #16

Beautiful! Well done!

(Glenn Melenhorst) #17

Here’s another test :slight_smile:

(Glenn Melenhorst) #18

And another test :slight_smile: Getting off topic.

(Schepp) #19

Very very nice

(Glenn Melenhorst) #20

thanks :slight_smile: It’s been fun.