Eevee rendering textures with inaccurate colors

I am assuming this is a rendering issue, so I will post my problem here.

Every so often, Eevee realtime rendering displays with inaccurate texture colors. Sometimes, there is no change after tweaking the material, or sometimes it is black, and this time some parts of my object is purple. Here is a screen shot of my last adjustments to my concrete texture…

For such issues it’s best to provide a .blend file with the issue.
Just guessing for now:

  • The blue frame: are the normals pointing outwards? They should point outwards.
  • Purple in texture, usually means an image texture is missing. Blender didn’t find the texture. But it’s a guess.

Have a similar problem while doing shader work in eevee, sometime the view does not change until I move the camera.

I took your advice with Blender not finding the texture, and I think this fixed the problem. Oddly however, the texture was pointing to the correct path the whole time. :confused: It seems to me that, on the initial file being opened, Blender holds the image in memory, which is why you see the texture in the viewport. Then, when for any reason it needs to recall the texture, Blender is not reloading the file. I think I need to report this to the Bug tracking forum. What do you think?

Not sure if your situation is related: I know, that when you load the texture in the image-editor, and you see the astrix / multiple character as shown in the screenshot below, that you won’t see the texture in the render as in your viewport because the (udpated) texture is not saved to disk.

Sorry for the delay. I got tied-up with some business that need ed to taken care of first.

Back to my topic, I am still having the same rendering problems. Also, this has nothing to do with saving the blender file without saving the edit texture first. Actually, I am not even editing the texture. It is a texture from, and there is no need to edit the texture.

My problem happens randomly and all it takes to loose the texture is plugging it into a node that contains a factor property and adjusting its value back and forth. For instance, I could have the blend factor start with 0.3, then change it to 0.7, and then back to 0.5. After so many back and forth’s, it renders the object to pink in the viewport. To fix it for now, sometimes I need to reload the texture, and other times I just need to wiggle the viewport. That is why I asked the members here if I should report as a bug?

If you can find a consistent way to trigger that glitch that the devs would be able to reproduce, you should report the bug