Eevee rendering with CPU

Is it possible to make blender render with my CPU when using eevee? In my case, eevee keeps using 90 - 100% of my GPU (1050ti) while ignoring the 16 threads of my 1800x.

No, Eevee is an OpenGL rasterizer. It cannot run on a CPU.


In the spirit of completeness, it technically might be possible to use Eevee on a CPU, but you’d need a software OpenGL driver like Mesa… but even if it works, the performance is likely to be slow.


A “GPU” is designed to be a massively-parallel computing device, capable of performing matrx calculations on thousands of pieces of data at one time, "literally simultaneously." A “CPU” is not. Except for pipelining and multiple cores, a “CPU” does exactly one thing at a time.