EEVEE rigging workaround?

I’ve been working in EEVEE’s client recently and it seemed like a dream come true until I learned about the vertex modifiers not working. I was hoping to use my rigged characters from previous projects but I’m unable to animate them. I figured there were two possible workarounds but im not really sure how I would go about doing them. the first idea was to save the max position of each bone rotation as a shape key and have the bone rotation control the key with drivers, but that can cause distortion of the mesh in the middle values of the shape keys so im not sure that it would be practical without a very demanding setup. my other idea was if it was possible to completely animate a character in an earlier blender build. then have the mesh shape from the bones baked to a unique shapekey each frame. that way frame 1 would go to shapekey 1, frame 2 to shapekey 2 etc. are there any plugins that might do something like this? or any workflows someone might suggest? even though its a long setup, it would greatly save on rendertimes and make an animation possible without having to wait on EEVEE to update

I’m also trying to find a workaround. It’s driving me nuts because EEVEE seems so awesome. If you do find one, be sure to let me know!

You can export an obj sequence or an alembic then bake it down

importing an Alembic file instantly crashes blender 2.8 unfortunately. That sounded promising, but didn’t work. :frowning: what about obj sequences? I know how to export them with blender, but I’m not really sure how to import them. I may be missing a setting somewhere, but I can’t find how to import them