Eevee Scene and final result

hi my artists friends

this is first work i’m trying to finish with Blender Eevee … i like this build it’s under development (Thank you All Blender developers , Dalai Felinto and Pablo Vazquez ) … sure i wait more features on this project build for get clear final release - i’m work by ue4 beside blender for get realtime render image or animation but start from this Eevee build version to make this
what is your opinion ?

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looks very good for a realtime render.what is the hardware used?

I didn’t expect this quality from Evee in interiors, looks very promising. Could you record a short video showing real-time performance?

Great work!

yes i see it powerfull and wait the final release for more features
hardware spec (GeForce GTX 970 - Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz × 8 )

yes im like you at the first time to try it … nut ny more trying get this result . i will try animation and i will post it here soon as i can

thank you

I’m kind of confused about all the different probes in eevee, are their any resources explaining it?

in short tutorial the light prob (refliction cubemap and reflection plane) for reflection in viewport you must put refliction cubemap in refliction objects places
and put reflection plane on ground plane you need to reflected (scale refliction plan to covered all ground plane)
use irradiance volume for bounce light in viewport

any way i will make a video tutorial for this soon

Do you guys think Eevee could be on par with UE4 for real time rendering once it’s out as a stable release?