Eevee Shadow problem

Hi guys,

I’m really enjoying playing around with Eevee but I’m having trouble with some shadows.

The view on the Right is the camera view and on the Left is 3D view. So as you can see the character’s shadow works correctly in the viewport (LEFT) but in the Camera view its like the shadow is “floating”.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Accidentally i have a blender scene open :wink: with eevee and a shadow… okay that’s strange… (And there are no objects just visible for view/camera?) If the view is just a little moved from the camera this seems to be the same? Example:

To me none of these shadows looks correct. I am not sure if I understandwhat you mean by “floating”, but to me the persons shadowform looks not just unconnected, but completely different in shape.

So even the one on the left side has shadows where there should be none. I added an image of what I mean. Why is there a shadow?

Anyhow, try activating High Bit Depth under RenderProperties–> Shadows., aswell as higher shadowmap sizes. Does that make a difference?

hi mate, thanks for the repsonse. I already have highbit rate on.
Here’s a shot using Cycles, which is more accurate to what I expected from Eevee… ignore the noise… but it shows what the shadow should look like.

Yes that cycles render is pretty much what i was expecting . But on first screenshot your left viewport there there also was a shadow where there should be none. Are you sure there are no other occluders in the scene that should have caused this?

Solved it.

I had contact shadows set to 50m. I switched it to 0m and it sovled it instantly. The only problem is that I now get light seepage where the rock wall meets the ground… but I’ll just keep playing until I figure it out.

Thanks for your suggestions guys!

Haha, ok thats a bit much. :joy: Yeah, bye.