Eevee test - Room

Hi everyone, this is a little test with Eevee.
The scene comes from my company’s short movie: “Lonely Boy” in which I’m involved (not yet released).


Hope you like it :slight_smile: .

Credits: Gabriel Tomczak, Becerra Thibault, Coeugniet Théo, Pagot Dimitri, Chenal Victor, Vanhoed Mariane, Allier Estrada Flore.
Lonely Boy created by Hélèna Serra and Maxime Sabisik.



For a second I thought I was looking at Toy Story 5, Good work.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Lumpengnom : Thank you!

Jeremiah_M : Thanks!

bartv : Thank you very much!

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Really love this. Has a real Andy’s Room - Toy Story vibe. Really nice work!

Awesome! Fantastic! Perfect!!!

Peter18 : Thanks!

Gregory_Ischenko: Thank you!

This is beautiful work! I can sleep for days in this room!

This is definitely one of the best examples of Eevee Interiors yet in my opinion, and the bar has been steadily climbing in the past year.

It’s definitely not quite at the level of realism you get with Cycles, but you often have to make tradeoffs for animation anyway unless you have access to a large server-farm.

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You’re #featured! :+1:

Outstanding result!

This video is so exiting, and people seeing it would be so much leaving any 3D soft to switch to Blender 2.8, than you could be paid just for releasing this :joy:

Good job !
See you ++

with a room like that, who wants to go out?

We’re now beyond Toy Story graphics but also in real time.

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What a stunning scene!!! so nice

I guess we stepped over that within a couple months after the release of the initial movie?!

Probably the best interior EEVEE render I have seen, amazing work.
Do you have any tips to share for achieving realistic interiors with EEVEE ?

This is absolutely incredible. I can’t imagine how much work went into this!

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i’ve to say… i don’t like it… … no i don’t … … … i’d makes me sad… wish i had such a room as i was … long time ago, in a galaxy far far way younger… i love it! AWESOME work!