Eevee wireframe rendering

Any idea how to render wireframe (quads) in Eevee?

Unfortunately the Wireframe modifier is so slooooooooooow it is practicaly unusable for my project.
I found tutorial for Cycles:
but it does not work well in Eevee (weird triangles)

The same node setup should work for both Eeevee and cycles, but it doesn’t.
This is a bug.


Maybe I do not understand your problem, but the WIREFRAME modifier is working correctly …:thinking:

No slow rendering…:+1:

The wireframe modifier can be very slow on a large mesh though, I believe that is what the OP was saying.

You must Triangulate the Faces.
Edit Mode->Face->Triangulate Faces or CTRL+T.

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A different approach:
create a new UV Map and just press U -> Reset to unwrap it (so that every face fills up the whole canvas).

Then use a Node Setup like this:

With some greater-than/less-than math, this can also be turned into a Node-Group with a single edge width slider.
it displays larger faces with a wider outline though - which might or might not be a desired effect.


Clever! Thanks for sharing.

The Wireframe modifier works ok only for very simple objects.

Thanks. Nice idea.
The problem with this solution is it does not work with modifiers e.g. displace, subdivision.

Thanks but I need quads.

U -> Reset to unwrap.

Works with modifiers displace, subdivision e.g.

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Simple, effective, brilliant. Thanks.

It would be great to be able to change the line thickness in Blender (procedural texture?).

I tried to add thickness to wireframe (array, solidify) but it seems Eevee can’t display it properly (transparency problem).

Simple solution to change line thickness: scale UV map

Good idea, tried it with a brick texture. Works nicely with these settings, mortar size controls line thickness.


I try this method but wireframe is not showing :pensive:

Solved: After to reset the uv’s is working! :smiley:

Yeah, the trick with all these methods is that each face of the mesh needs to have the full uv coordinate range from 0 to 1, which you get with reset uv.

Great it’s working for you! :slight_smile:

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Hi. I selected the low poly rock and followed your steps. Also use the reset in the uv menu…
It does not come like yours…it looks really uneven.

Would you help me to find out what I am doing wrong? My idea is to make these rocks as if they were folded made by the milimetric paper.

But then you can’t use Sanne’s approach of resetting each face. That result in each face taking up the full UV space, obviously resulting in stretching. As you can see on Suzanne, the top head faces are bigger and results in a differently sized grid. This thread is about wireframe rendering.

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Yeah, what CarlG said. The method I suggested needs to have resetted uv coordinates for every face, but even then, the line thickness is relative to the face dimension. I tried to prevent that, but I didn’t succeed.

I’m not sure how I would approach your use case, might involve a lot of fiddling with finding the right uv projection for each face, but I’m no uv expert, there might be better ways I’m not seeing. Maybe ask in material and texture support, I’m sure people will have better ideas.

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Is there a way to attach an emmision shader so that the edges emit?