Hi Guys,

Quick question…

I know it’s not completed and still very much in development, but for the past few months i’ve been downloading the latest 2.8 builds and trying to play with Eevee…but it kinda glitches out the entire time. Even if i’m just playing with a cube it doesn’t seem to be able to take it, and yet I see other people testing really quite complex things with it.

Does Eevee require decent GPU power? I’m on a Macbook so maybe that’s my issue (despite not having a decent GPU my Macbook generally suits me quite well and allows me to produce things i’m relatively happy with).

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps they rendered the content, which is why it looked good?
You go in the top render menu and click on opengl render animation, it will render your cube!

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Well, it’s a game engine renderer essentially. Unless you play a lot of modern videogames that look on par with the test renders people have made with Eevee, you shouldn’t expect it to be very performant or functional.

Yes, you absolutely need a real GPU. Not the dinky 2gbvram made-for-video-editing little guys that come on even the highest tier macbook.

Fair enough, thanks for your answers!

what is/are basic min system requirements to afford oneself an eevee experience in Blender of any version ???