EEVEE's sun pointing opposite to an objects doesn't casts shadows

Ok it’s simpler than it sounds, I need to animate the sun along its path and found out that I need to change the sun position to have the afternoon shadows.
1st image: morning shadows;

2nd image: afternoon shadows disappeared with sun in original position;

3rd image: afternoon shadows appearing only if sun is moved on the left.

Is that a known behaviour?

I’ve never seen it, but I tend to reorient and position the sun the few times I need it. I also use Cycles, as I have serious issues getting shadow under control in Eevee. In Cycles, position isn’t an issue afaik, but I can imagine how it could be an issue for shadowmap based calculations.

The result you’re getting is correct behaviour…
Unless in Cycles and in Blender Internal , Sun position is taken into account in Eevee, because it uses shadow maps. You get infinite light but not infinite shadows.


Thank you very much. I guess I will move the sun around in case I need it.
Problem solved :smiley: