Effect Panel

To all,
I am working on a candle and flame tutorial. When I go to animate my flame, I don’t see the effects panel anywhere. I have tried everything from F7 to reloading Blender back on my CPU. Can anyone give me an insight on where or how should I pop up the effects panel.

Thank you

Whoa!! You’re using an old version of Blender. Yes, I know it sucks that nice looking tutorials don’t show the current Blender interface, but that’s progress for ya… You can of course always load the Blender version the tut was made in…
Currently the effects panel panel can be found with F7 (Object ) and then clicking the Physics button. There, you’ find your Particles panel with a “New”-button Mind you, buttons within this panel have also largely changed so good luck finding the buttons you want…
Of course, in the next iteration this will change again and the Physics button will be split over a Physics and a Particle button (in view of the MAJOR rewrite of particle code) .