Efficient rigging (?)

What I’m working on a game that may require several humanoids at a time. I’m hoping to keep system requirements down to something reasonable ( even though we may all be using 12 core laptops by the time I finish it :wink: ).
When making a humanoid walk in-game, which way is more efficient;
Setting the keyboard controller to armature poses directly, or
setting the keyboard controller to IK solvers that control chains of armatures?

The first way would require each sensor to control multiple IPOs, but the second way requires IK calculations to keep up.
I’m a bit new with the game engine and I haven’t found a tut that covers this.

here’s my advice ( but I’m a not “fun” person) and old tut:
use the less possible poly’s and bones specially if you need many Armatures, and avoid fancy riggings

You can just try different rig methods and check the performances.

As far as I know, you can’t use IK solvers that are not part of the armature in <=2.49b. I do not know for 2.50.
Someone else did a test: IK actions has large impact on performance. Better avoid it.