Egg fried

Hello everyone, this is my latest work. The work lasted about 11 days for the whole process, I hope you enjoy. Blender 2.69 / cycles 800 samples.

  • Lucas

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This is some great work! The detail is crazy.

That is by far the best egg I have seen created with Blender (and no, I am not being factious…)

Looks tasty, scarce on pepper though.

thank’s for the feedback, i glad you like it :smiley:

Amazing work! The amount of detail of stunning. Where’d you get your textures?

One of the most realistic food renders I have seen. Care to share the material settings and any tips?

Thank’s :smiley:

@BenjaminDod and @swmo - The texture of the skillet is CG textures (look for:. Crackles0060_1_L ). For wood texture in the background, I used a texture of the Wild textures. For the egg, I have not used textures, only material (which will be presented below).

Yolk material :

Raw egg yolk material :

Egg white material :

For oil I used diffuse + glass (IOR: 10,000) and transparent.

Truly outstanding. It really is the best egg made with blender, I think as well. Great job. The textures, shaders, lighting and also the cold and warm colors contrast worked great in your piece.

I bet the magic is in the lighting.

thank’s guys :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your textures and materials.

Amazing artwork! Thanks for textures!

For nothing. Glad you enjoyed :wink: