Egg on toast

I have been a while on blender but have never made a full project, just some exercises so I thought I’d try to implement some of my knowledge. I was originally planning to be done before the release of 2.8 ( I haven’t been able to accomplish that), but here is finally some version (so built in 2.79). I was especially struggling with the materials. If you have any tips please tell me, I’d love feedback.

  • Status: Work in Progress!


This is great! Textures look about as perfect as possible…!!

Egg white does look a bit grainy on the curved edge…perhaps more passes or add more gloss to the whole egg might mask it (it is fried so a bit more grease on it would be OK)

PS as a suggestion for the next one… since I am already hungry now…Baked Beans on toast with a fried egg on top

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Good job!
Some few things:)
I think, egg yolk should reflect white light, and needs more subsurface scattering.


nice work here!

For a first project this is quite good !
Model and texture work is clean, now you can push the render further by adjusting lights and materials !

About light :
The overall lighting is a bit flat, there could be a bit more shadows, contrast, and especially more reflections .
-Start by setting off all the light, grab a nice HDRI from here :
if you don’t know how to setup the HDRI look at this :
This will add some colored lighting and also interesting patterns in the reflections, making the scene more alive.

Then, you can keep it like this, or lower the HDRI a bit and bring back some lights, one after the other. Or you can start fresh with a spot lamp and try to get the maximum out of it, it will be your primary light . You can then add some secondary lights but try to keep them with a lower intensity than the primary (or said differently, they should contribute less to the overall lighting) . By judging the reflections, you have 3 lights that have nearly the same intensities around your subject, this is why it look evenly lit, but also is a bit flat.

Now for the materials :
(you can tweak materials and lighting all together, generally you do a back and forth until it looks right).
There are a few issues :

-The plate can have more reflections, if it’s not made of paper then try to lower the roughness .

The white of the egg seem to have a good roughness value, it will show up better with the HDRI.

One thing you can do also, is to grab a wood texture for the floor / table , like this one :
That will just put more context to the image, but it’s optional depending on your taste.

Despite all these comments, you have a nice basis, models are clean and composition is good, and the overall image kind of work. Now every little improvement will push the render further !

Good work !!

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try make the egg yolk more liquid-y, assuming its soft boiled.

@RSEhlers, @sozap , @RuK

Thanks for the tips!
I have adjusted the materials!
I’m still working (read struggling) on the lighting, but I thought I’d show the current result (with a standard HDRI from EEVEE. The original idea was also to use a HDRI but I couldn’t get it to work in 2.79, but I think I found the problem. Anyway thanks again for the help, hereby the current situation.

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Thank you!

Cool !

That’s getting better !
Maybe the white part of the egg is a bit to bright, try to lower the color intensity a bit…
But materials looks correct and it got soomething to reflect at last !

For the lighting part, once the HDRI will be set into the world , with cycles you should get some nice shadows.
If you want to use lights , you may need to lower the HDRI intensity and add lamps.
You can look at this tutorial series that covers lighting to get inspired :
As said, the best thing is to start with one lamp and try to get the best of it. As it’s your primary light it should have the most influence on the image, the other lights are just complementary to the primary light.

The HDRI is also a light, so you’ll have to decide if it should be the primary lighting, or a secondary light that will fill the shadows.

If you struggle with the HDRI setup send a screen capture of the world nodetree

Ziet er goed uit, Nathalie. :wink:

is it in blender internal or cycles? if in bi, change to cycles, it looks better.