Egg Product Render

Some work for a client of mine. Retopology was done with quad-draw in maya, but the rigging, texturing, rendering was all done within Blender 2.80. Render times are suffering within Blender. Cycles is not currently as optimized as others, (2 x gtx 1080ti) but I enjoy the Blender texture workflow even with it’s quirks.


nice work !!!

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I like it! When you say retopo… Was the original model photoscanned?

The original file was from the manufacturer. They could only provide a pretty messy triangulated mesh. Although I wouldn’t mind trying out the photo scanning approach sometime!

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Just saw this brand for the first time today after seeing your post. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice retopology and renders. :wink:

Thank you!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Right on, thank you

Some WIP shots

A few additional renders

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Read about the creation of this scene on BlenderNation:

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