Eggs, in a basket, in a hut, in a field...

I’ve been working on this for a few days. I know I need to:

  1. Fix the floor; the texture repeats in too much of a uniform fashion.
  2. Better egg texture. (there’s none as of yet)

Any crits/comments?

EDIT: There’s a slight DoF mistake, see if you can catch it.


For the egg texture I’d say just make them less shiny. Real eggs are kind of dull looking, like paper.

Ok, yeah. I was trying to get them to look right and I guess I just figured I had the right shinyness. I’ll work on that.

You know what, I bet its the slight glow I’ve got applied to the image. Let me work on it I’ll get back to it in about an hour.

Do you think the DoF is ok, or does it need to be more, less? I thought it was a realistic level in the above image.

the grass? :confused:

anyway, the eggs look huge! not that there wouldn’t be some chickens who give bigger ones, but just, like, HUGE…

Haha, yeah, I didn’t even think about that. Those boards are supposed to be 2x4s, so yeah, those eggs are gigantic!

The DoF mistake I was talking about was the left side frame board against the background is a sharp edge, where it should be a little soft. :confused: indeed.

So, is the amount of Dof correct, or no?