Eggs with more than 5 characters

Cycles 1000s
background texture used:


What does “with more than 5 characters” mean?

The title need to have more than 5 characters and “eggs” was too short. I have added the codes printed on the eggs, so the title is now consistent with itself and with the graphics it describes. Treat it as an visible easter egg. BTW “CL” is a country code for Chile and its islands :wink:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hi bro. This is soooo good!!! What did you use for the egg carton texture? Is it procedural?

Hi. It is a very simple seamless photo of carton surface with BSDF material node. You can use just noise texture with color ramp setup just as good. It is subdivision and displacement why it look realistic not the texture.

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Woah. Thanks for the tip bro. Amazing work :slight_smile: