Eiffel Tower

Here’s my latest piece, the iconic Eiffel tower. The trees are from Andrew Price’s architecture academy starter pack. And the background is from cgtextures.com

Here is the model alone on Sketchfab:

Very nice looking :slight_smile: how many verts?

I live in France! :smiley: Looks really good! :slight_smile:

very nice render, and model, I like a lot!

Thank you! Without Bevel and edge split its about 150k verts.

Cool :smiley: Thanks!

Thank you too!

Nice modeling! very detailed i like it :slight_smile:

I really like the camera angle you went with for this render… gives it a cool perspective.

Thank you! I was hoping it was a good balance.

I was hoping people would like it! I spend a while perfecting it.

The details in this picture are astonishing! I wonder how you are able to model such detail but also have such a smooth curve in the side of the tower. Did you model it by “tracing” a reference picture, or were you able to do something mathematically to get the perfect curve with all of the detail? This is a beautiful picture that you have created!

Thank you very much! I did use a reference image for doing the curve. It was very low quality so I couldn’t use it very well. But it did help a lot. And at that point I had only modeled the basics of it so when it came to detailing I didn’t have to model using a reference as my current mesh already was curved in the way I wanted.

Excellent work. I think you can improve the feel of the render with a couple of simple postproduction tricks:

  1. Right now your sky shows up with a bit of noise, coming from the quality of the hdr image. There is no such noise on the tower itsselff. Makes it stand out and look fake. I would simply add a bit of depth of field to blur out the sky, so that there is no noise, and after that I would apply a bit of noise to the whole image.
  2. Also your sky seems to be colored as if it is noon, and you model seems to be lit as if it is sunrise or sunset. Either change the temperature of the lighting of the model to something cooler, or change the temperature of the sky to something warmer. Also the sky seems too blue to be summer in Paris - blue means the air is dry and thin. In a big city like Paris you would have air pollution, fumes and moist in the air - so the sky would be more pale and desaturated, especially in a summer midday.

Thanks for the feedback! The noise is from the background image. So I should probably have used a different one. But using DOF I believe would be unrealistic do to the scale of the Eiffel tower.

Your right about the color. Lighting I am using is not the problem though. Its the shaders color. Was trying to get it to match the color of the real Eiffel Tower. But looks like I need to desaturate it some. And maybe the sky is a bit too blue. I live in the country so I have unrealistic view of the sky :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply amazing.

Thank you :wink:

This is amazing! The detail, lighting and everything in this is awesome! Keep up the great work, this is excellent!

I thank you for these very kind words.