either I just made art or...

Either I just Created a work of art, or im high from cough syrup, either way, I was testing a tutorial on makin a die with only meshes when i started to experiment and got this:


Hahaha, thats cool.

cmon, no one else likes it?

hmm, i geuss, but um well …yeah.

i feel dizzy. and i haven’t even had any cough syrup.

thats pretty cool, could be the base for a tech company logo.
simply yet bold & cough syrupy.

wow, thx,

I think it would be somtheing good… too bad i forgot to save it, blender should really prompt u to save before quitting, i am getting into the habit of saving, but I onl do it for big projects like this hover car I created


Hey Tictoon, nice job, good start, keep it up!