Hi Doc,

Construct a cube, subdivide it a few times, and assigne two materials: low_bounce and high_bounce to different faces of this cube. Flatten the cube to create a large floor area. Assign elasticity of .3 to the low_bounce and elasticity of 1 to the high_bounce cube. Then, assign elasticity =1 to a ball (a small icosphere). Duplicate this ball, and make them both into rigid bodies. Start the two balls at the same height, each one over a region of different material.

My expectation: the balls should bounce to different levels. They do not. Also: change the cube (multi-material) to ghost, and the ball still bounces. Clearly a bug.

Link: http://www.sc.fsu.edu/~gerlebacher/two_materials.blend

Simply press “P”

Thanks for any advice on how to achieve different bounces on the different materials. I am using Blender 1.63a on a Mac.


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You are right.
It looks like the Physics engine uses the first material only. I suggest to open a bug at the bugtracker.

A simple work around: Just make the cube out of 2 separate objects with different materials. Parent one of them to the other if you need them to move.

this is “another” bug (to add to other suspect)
linked to MATERIAL.

(lights in GLSL + faces position + … elasticity)